Homer, Alaska (Corinne)

We were high above the Ocean as we drove along the coast after leaving Anchorage. It was surprisingly sunny and had a great feel.  The small towns were quirky and we didn’t
know what to expect at Homer. Everyone seemed to have a boat and all the letter
boxes had fish motives or in some cases fishing rods hanging over them!

That said it all.

Homer was a small and pleasant  town. It was one of those places you always
will wish you could have spent more time.

How many times have we felt like that on the journey – I’ve lost count!

Deciding on Oceanview RV Park we were pointed to the bottom of the hill which was on a slope. “Those are the tent sites at the bottom” we were told. “Choose one you like!” We settled on the narrow one right beside the water.  Normally we’d go for the biggest
but nothing could match this view….

This is what we woke up to each day.

The children loved walking right down to the beach when they got up.

The tides here are enormous; thirty feet at least. Rocks were exposed quickly once the tide swung around. This happened to be a great spot for bird viewing – the feathered kind!

We saw bald eagles and sandhill cranes and had noticed ravens on the way into town swooping and diving in pairs at what looked like practising their acrobatic skills!

I woke up with one word as if just spoken out loud “Denali”

I told David. It seemed we were meant to be going there too after just hearing about it from Jen and Dan at Seward! It was already calling!!!

After driving out on the spit, a long 4 to 5 mile piece of land which juts out into the bay, David helped the boys and Lara prepare for a few hours fishing. Kids fish for free here!

We stopped where the seagulls were. The Hotel next door said “Lands End.”  It sure felt it! We’d made it to the edge of the Earth!

What a great spot. Lara caught her first two first fish. It was quite an effort for her but she was very proud of herself. We caught two types;  pollocks and sole.

It was so well organised here, they have stations where you can wash, gut and fillet your fish for free! We were given a big piece of Halibut to try from a friendly fellow also gutting.  It ended up being the tastiest of the three fish. They can be HUGE here and I can see why many just come here to fish.

The black boat which is featured on the TV programme about fishing in the Bering Sea has this as its base. It was docked. It was funny being where they film that show!

We had wondered why there weren’t heaps of people fishing where we were, as the fish were plentiful and jumping on our lines. They would be all out shoulder to shoulder at home in a spot like this.

A local filled us in to the reason why it was so quiet

“Their freezers are already full!”

Gosh, imagine having that much fish on your doorstep year round!

Speaking to the young girl in the camp office it was good to find out what the town is like the rest of the year. Pretty quiet she said.
No-one comes here then.

I overheard a local telling a tourist about the Kodiak bears across the bay.

“You can see fifty of them over there when they wake up after being asleep all winter” he said.

I can’t imagine seeing so many hungry bears that size! I assume he meant from a boat! At least I hope so!

That night we had the best sunset. If our visa waiver wasn’t running out we would have stayed a couple more days, we’d had the best weather…again.

It would have been good to go fishing every day…ah well it’s always good to leave a place after seeing it at its best.

Good memories.

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Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska (Corinne)

We keep hearing how lucky we are and it’s true!

Oh my. We had booked our boat cruise on only one of ten sunny days that Seward gets in a whole year. The weather Gods shined on us all day!

We had a glorious time. Even spending most of it outside on the deck! The water was flat and every mountain and Glacier was visible to us.
What an amazing sight. We felt blessed seeing what so many never get to see!

There are so many Glaciers here. It is quite incredible.

At the Exit Glacier yesterday they had a model of the whole Kenai National Park area.
The Harding Ice Field is an enormous sheet of ice covering the entire mountain range. I counted at least 26 Glaciers coming off it over the Kenai National Park area. Wow!

I wonder exactly how many Alaska has. Plenty I’m sure.

On the way we stopped to see a small 25 foot humpback whale cruising through a bay. It was great following quietly behind as it chose to skim around the edges of rocks for fish. When it went under we had no idea when it was going to pop up next!

Everyone was enthralled.

Heading up towards the Aliak 10,000 year old Glacier we slowed again as the Captain Chris told us he’d spotted a “raft of otters”.

They were so funny bobbing in the water in a group with their flippers out and tummies up out of the sea.

He told us they only touch land 1% of their life. Imagine that! Also they have the thickest fur in the world, a huge number of hairs per square inch. They have a pouch of skin under their arm which they can hold a stone to help break crabs or shellfish. Sometimes they are seen floating with a rock and a shell on their stomach.

Pulling in close to the Glacier we were allowed to get close because of the perfect weather conditions. For half an hour we marvelled at the beauty of the blue ice and strained to see bits fall into the water.

Chris the Captain had already warned us if we hear the sound then we’ve already missed it as the sound comes later out here!

The sea was full of bits of ice bobbing in the water. Later we got to see a piece up close as they scooped some on board.

We were fortunate enough to see another humpback whale on the way back and this one thrashed the water with its tail before rising out of the water and spinning mid-air.

What a sight!

Not only that we had some friendly porpoises swimming through the waves at the front of the ship for a good fifteen minutes.

Pure “MAGIC!”

Slowly moving through gorgeous islands of rock we were shown different sea birds and chicks. It was interesting to see the gulls going nuts when a bald eagle flew overhead.

We learnt a lot about different puffins, penguins and even gulls!

Chris was a wealth of information and the children were highly entertained. In fact Lara and Braden ended up in the Captain’s chair in the cabin with him talking to him about our trip on the way back!

There were also quite a few seals which made entertaining viewing as we drifted past.

One was always barking at another! Usually the biggest standing its ground!

Arriving at Fox Island we had a surprise in store for us!

The Park Ranger giving the presentation was someone we had met in Ecuador!

She recognized David and then the kids. Apparently this was her first day working on that island.

I don’t believe in coincidences. We were meant to meet again! Who would have thought it would be way up here in Alaska!

Finishing the boat trip and saying goodbye to the friendly crew and Captain we walked happily back to camp. Jen our friend arrived within thirty minutes and we walked the whole 300 metres to their house (it’s a wonder we hadn’t bumped into them earlier!)

She hid as we knocked on the door to surprise Dan her partner.

He could only gaze at us all in astonishment and kept saying “No
way….no way!”

She worked up here each summer and he was able to do work at
home. I could see why she didn’t want to give up a job like that! In the winter
they try to travel somewhere new. The kids were delighted to see someone they
knew and enjoyed their dog who was very excited to meet us all!

We are looking forward to getting our own dog after meeting
so many delightful faithful friends on this trip!


David had booked a three hour kayaking trip for the next day for him and the boys. Dan knew the guy running it. They wanted to know our plans ahead and mentioned before going to Fairbanks we should stop at Denali National Park on the way.

“It was famous” they said. It was something to keep in mind. It sometimes feels as if we are travelling so fast we are learning about where to go on the run!

Somehow we always get the best tips on where to go though, and as I found out, we had
Denali mentioned to us three more times by different people before we made it there. But that’s another story!

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Seward and the Exit Glacier (Corinne)

We were lucky. The drive from Anchorage was sunny so we saw
the scenery at its best. It was beautiful. I had a good idea of what we would
end up doing at Seward. It was expensive though and we were tossing up whether
we should do it after spending more unexpected money on car and bike
maintenance in Anchorage. Should we really be spending more money on doing
this? Hmm…

After a few days of mulling it over we decided to treat
ourselves. We were here in Alaska “NOW” and this might be the one and only time
we could do it. What had keyed our excitement was a day out on a boat exploring
the Kenai National Park and seeing up close and personal a 10,000+ year old
Tidewater Glacier. A Glacier which had bits the size of cars cracking off and
tumbling into the sea! The pictures in the brochures told it all!


Arriving in Seward and drying all our camping gear in the
sun, we were intrigued to see gorgeous pet looking rabbits hopping around
everywhere? Sure enough someone had let two pet rabbits go in the 70’s – LOL!
Now they were everywhere and fairly tame! The kids loved chasing them around.

This was a great camp and the cheapest yet. It was just $10
for a tent a night and right on the edge of the water. The views were

We’d stopped by the Visitor Centre on the way in, and I had
been particularly shocked by the sheer size of the brown Kodiak bear they had
stuffed in the foyer. The elderly lady didn’t help matters when she said no
that was normal size. Crikey! I didn’t want to run into any. They are the same
size as Polar Bears!

We took a day to go and see the Exit Glacier. You could
drive there by car and walk up to a good view point of it. It was a lot of fun
and incredibly shocking seeing how fast it had shrunk and was shrinking! A
woman with two children remarked she had seen it 25 years earlier and couldn’t
believe how much had gone.

Speaking to a kind elderly Ranger volunteer who comes up
from Florida every year for six months, he took the three children under his
wing as we spoke to him about our trip. When I told him about us leaving
everything behind and even David resigning from his job, he remarked that

“We were teaching the children not to be afraid of taking

I liked that, and immediately
replied with

“We thought it was a risk worth taking!”

So many people are literally shocked at what we are doing
when we tell them! It is obviously very uncommon for a family to be travelling.
In fact someone mentioned we were like the Travelling Eliza Thornbury Family!

I know it may seem strange to some, but for us it was an
idea that just felt exciting! We had a good life, a great house and we could
have stayed living like that until retirement age. But that is not us. We love
travelling and the thought of the children getting something out of this too
felt like the right thing to do.  I know they will use this experience ahead in some way.

It is simply what they came to do.

Before he left us the Ranger remarked that we could walk the
other path and get up close to the Glacier to touch it. It would mean crossing
a few rivers on the way but it was easier now than a week ago, as the main
river had apparently changed its course. I took that as a sign we were meant to
go. It sounded like it was unusual to be able to get so close.

I asked the kids if they were keen. They were pretty
unenthusiastic, but I said “Let’s do it” I looked at the Ranger and we both
laughed remarking at the youth of today! I bet it was a whole different way of
life when he was a young man!

Of course it ended up being the highlight of the day with
the kids laughing at Mum walking through the FREEZING water, as the kids and
David used the stepping stones. I didn’t feel comfortable risking falling with
the good camera on wobbling stones! On the way back I walked barefoot on the
stones which felt much better. Like how I used to do it in another time. I felt
like an Indian!

Getting up close to it was something else indeed. We’d been
warned not to get under the toe as it was dangerous and it was easy to see why!
Breaking off bits of ice we happily sucked on ancient ice water while walking

The flies were wearisome, they bit! While I filled out a
survey the three children did another Junior Ranger Booklet each and just
before the office closed were indicted as Junior Park Rangers in front of other
amused tourists! It is quite a serious oath, swearing to protect the Earth and
its wildlife!

We left there feeling tired but delighted. It was great to
be up close to our first Alaskan Glacier!


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Anchorage, Alaska at Last (Corinne)

So many things were waiting for us at Anchorage. We could
register the trailer at last, get the BMW motorbike serviced and meet up with
Tiger (George) and his wife Eileen!

It was the end of a circle in one way; David had bought the
bike off Tiger thirteen months ago and he had been a great friend in helping
gear it up ready for David’s big trip down to Nakusp, Canada in four days flat
in August last year. We had wondered when we would see the motorbike again in
South America and we had been looking forward to seeing George and his wife
Eileen and son Spence. It had been quite a trip to get all the way up here to
see them!

Setting up camp in Centennial Park we were pleased to get
the tent up before the rain started. It rained for four days. We couldn’t
believe it, but made the use of the movie theatres and Walmart close by. We
also decided to get the car serviced, it deserved it; it had done 9,500 miles
since we bought it in Florida! We weren’t quite expecting the bill but considering
what we would have spent hiring a car we were still doing okay!

It was also incredibly fortuitous that there was a great
MacDonald’s nearby. We could sit there with the computer plugged in while we
waited for hours for the car. It was raining again and cold! Thanks to John
Vogel who set up the website for us, we could begin posting photos once more to
our gallery. There had been a bug in the system and he had ironed it out for

Any other time this would have been a boring job, but I
happily enjoyed seeing them all posting without any errors this time! It’s
amazing how many we have now.

George and Eileen invited us up and we felt at home as soon as we arrived. It was so
nice to be

sharing a meal in a family home again and with such great
company. They felt like family to us! We had much to tell them about our trip.
In fact it was hard to keep Braden and Lara quiet! They enjoyed talking about
it all.

Barbecued salmon was delicious and it was interesting
hearing how George has to snow plough in his garden in the winter! Eileen
worked at the Zoo which I had just read acquired its animals through injury.
Nice. We parted company promising to see them again after going down South.

Dropping off the motorbike to be repaired we headed out of
town and into the sunsine. Seward was our next stop!

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Liard Hot springs and Whitehorse (Corinne)

You can camp at Liard Hot Springs two hours before Watson
Lake and what a treat it is if you do! They have a beautiful boardwalk all the
way to two thermal heated pools.

The enchanting forest on the way there is something

I can imagine fairies playing here!

Once in and soaking up the heat you get a chance to truly
appreciate how gorgeous this spot is. Everything has been left so the edges of
the pools are dripping in ferns and bushes with trees hanging over. They even
have benches in the water to sit on up to your chin so you can soak up the
healing energy.

There is not a lot of noise here. Everyone quietly enjoys the
soothing water in silence! Blissful! We managed to fit in two dips that day!

The other lovely thing about this camp was that there were
four black bears in it while we were there. We could see one at a distance as
it moved small trees to find food. They didn’t bother anyone.

We left there happy thinking we would be back again after

For once we left at seven, and what a treat the wildlife had
in store.

We stopped by black bears eating berries, while the majestic bison
eyed us as they sauntered slowly past on the road. They remind me of elephants
as the head moves from one side to the other, with huge humps on their backs.
The kids loved it and there were a lot of “Awws” from the backseats!


It makes your heart sing seeing all these animals living
without interruption in the wild as it should be. This is their land! The road
is often the only thing you see cutting through the trees well into the
distance. Just mountains and forests, rivers and lakes! Nature in the raw.

It was a relief arriving in Whitehorse. The biggest town we
had been in for a while. It had all the best supermarkets and a medical centre
for Sean to refill on epileptic medication. It had a good vibe and we found a great
camp outside town called the Hi Country Inn which was so quaint. They even had
flowers in vases in the toilets and the office buildings were built like log
cabins with big verandas all the way around!

We had fun going in a couple of tourist shops which matched
US dollars in Whitehorse. I had to laugh though, the second day there I saw a
sign in the camp with the word “believe’ on it and knew it was a message as I kept
looking at it. When we went back into the shop in town, I found a box on the
counter with stones and words printed on them. I looked for “believe” but
couldn’t find it – because my son Sean had already picked it up to buy!

I couldn’t “believe” it! I hadn’t even told him! Another
synchronicity! I searched the box thoroughly as I thought that there must be
something else for me. There weren’t any more “believe” stones!

I finally found one on its own that felt like it was for me.

“Goddess”- written on a green stone and it now resides in my
jean pocket. I am happy to have it and will always remember the story that came
with it! J

The children made friends with a girl serving at the counter
in the fudge area. We were given free fudge! They are very proud telling people
where we have been and what we have done. They certainly act as if it’s been an
accomplishment for them too!

People often start talking to us because the children have
already spoken to them or their children. It’s lovely seeing them connect with
so many also! I even heard Lara saying in a big loud voice “she was the
luckiest girl in the World to be travelling to all these places!”

Before we finished the day we went to the visitor centre and
enjoyed a movie about the area. So many people had really insightful things to
say about living there in the wilderness. One woman termed it “I wasn’t real
before I came to live here in the Yukon!” I could dig that!

The scenery was spectacular. I had often said when in the
car “I wanted to fly over this all” and had the feel of it through this movie.
Inspiring country.

We were directed to the Fish Ladder. I had seen a picture of
it and wanted to know more. It was a fun educational experience. I love this
learning on the road! The Chinook salmon fish swim all the way here up river to
spawn from the Bering Sea. Yes the Bering Sea – can you believe that?

Because this river was damned they built the fish ladder for
the returning fish and it is the largest in the world. The salmon have to swim
up it one step at a time to get to the water at the top of the dam, twenty
metres above the river level. I was intrigued. They count and each one as it
passes through and there are holding tanks you can view the fish inside the
building. There are gates so they can hold them while they count!

Unfortunately there weren’t any making a move up the ladder
yet. But they were definitely grouping at the bottom. They were BIG and quite
orange in the frothy water! Some swim as much as 3,000km’s over three months
just to spawn. Without eating too. Now that’s impressive!

The girl explaining it all to us was as enthusiastic as us,
and took her time with all our questions. We told her we would be back in a few
weeks and she said by the middle of August it is known to be at its peak rush
hour fish traffic! How cool!

The kids played happily with a little girl called Haven and
her cousin in the next door RV. It is still light at 11pm so getting them to
actually go to bed at the right time is a mission not worth fighting for a lot
of the time. They sleep in the car a lot anyway!

We are off for Alaska tomorrow, staying in a place called

Alaska here we come!

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Heading to Alaska (Corinne)

The last few days have passed in a blur! The scenery from
Whistler to Dawson Creek was simply incredible. We didn’t get photos though as
there aren’t any places to pull in to take any! Sorry!

The road is narrow here.
We just had to drink it all in as we passed by lakes, mountains, rivers, passes
and trees of all sorts. What a gift! As David said we just have to take photos
with our eyes!

This is why you have to be here to appreciate it! You travel
huge distances here between towns. Much like Australia except wilderness
instead of desert! Such a breath of fresh air!

Arriving at Prince George we found a cute little camp run by
an older couple who keep bee hives. They even had strips of carpets to put your
feet on in the toilets – cute! Of course we bought some honey. It was sunny so
we pitched the tent, made dinner and fell asleep quickly. Raining through the
night we left in the morning for Dawson Creek.

This was a bigger town. We found
a nice camp and spot for the tent and put it up without delay.

Staying three nights we enjoyed the sunshine and the Walmart;
buying more essential warm clothes. The three kids are growing fast and it is only 18-20 degrees in the daytime now.
They now each have jeans to go on the motorbike. Lara even has her own little
leather jacket we bought second hand which she loves wearing!

We found a park with all this isometric equipment for public
use. We all jumped out of the car to try everything.

Interestingly enough it was just opposite the hospital and health centre! Every town should have parks
like this!


On the spiritual front, I am quite aware as every day passes
that there are more and more changes going on around the planet. More and more
of our “stuff” is coming up for each of us. It is no coincidence there are also
natural disasters occurring. For us in our own country of New Zealand, earthquake
stricken Christchurch is a shell of its former self. The way forward is unclear
as there are still aftershocks happening. Our hearts are full of compassion for
those enduring these dire circumstances.

Each of us is going through changes individually. This has
always happened but now it is happening at speed!  Horrible feelings may appear out of thin air
and need to be communicated and addressed, as everything is rising to the
surface from apparently out of nowhere! Emotions are high. This is not a
coincidence. This is very timely. We are going through big heart openings.


Please don’t ignore these situations and feelings.

They are rising to the surface for us to recognize, take
apart, and replace with healing. Release these situations and feelings with
love. We can do this!

It is often coming from the past. Sometimes the much distant
past which we may not even consciously know about! But we can feel within us when
there is a problem with a situation, or thought towards someone! Our feelings
are our guides. Pay them heed.

Without addressing these things, we stay emotionally sick.
Our egos stay in control by veiling us from our true identities. You may be
surprised at how inaccurate a lot of these feelings actually are! Sometimes
based on a feeling such as jealousy from as long ago as childhood for example!

In quite a lot of cases we are peeling back the layers to
find our true selves underneath it all. We are LOVE. We need to forgive our
wrong assumptions on things that have been as lessons to serve us. Heal them
and move on with gratitude for the lesson.

This has been going on with us as a couple and family too.
Old ways of being and behaving together are being looked at and replaced with
what is authentic for each of us within the group.

Choose things that give you joy! There is no time to be
complacent.  There is much work ahead for us all. We each need to be clear of this emotional baggage before we can do what we came here to do on this lovely planet of ours.

Through the books I am reading, I am now aware of the violet flame
which has been made available to us all on the planet at this time. It can help
us in this process. Saint Germaine has gifted it to us for our use, to help
heal our spiritual lessons as they appear. If you are open to it, the lesson
becomes gentler. Without being aware of it we can go through much needless pain
and sometimes for a long time!

If you are in a bad place at the moment and don’t know how
to fix it, please enlist the help of the Angels and the Violet Flame. See
yourself and the people involved bathed in the violet flame energy.  Pray from your heart for help in this matter,
and see what miracles appear!

I just picked up a message in our camp while getting ready
to post this:

“Prayer changes EVERYTHING! “Written on a rock for sale.
There were many in the box. But what your eye sees first is what you need to

Alaska is calling us and we are heading up there at speed!

May you also be exactly where you need to be at this time!

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Whistler, Canada (Corinne)

Leaving Seattle and our new friends behind, we entered
Canada without a hitch. The trailer has no tag as we are registering it in
Alaska. But we were let through without being questioned.

We realised later in the day the friend we thought we were
going to stay with that night, was in Vancouver Island and not Vancouver! We
drove around in circles trying to work it out.

The GPS couldn’t find his
address? Using Google we found Dogwood camp in Surrey just in time. We hurriedly
put up our tents just as darkness closed in. We would work it out in the


After speaking to the camp manager we found out it was going
to cost us considerably to get to the Island from where we were. We had “missed
the boat” so to speak and should have come by ferry from Seattle for
considerably less. Oh dear. It was now a side trip and not on the way at all.

It felt like we needed to keep going further north, so we
looked at our new Canadian map and plotted a course for Whistler in the
mountains. We’d heard it was pretty and a good place to stop for a night or two.

The mountains on the drive were impressive, and it was no
surprise to see snow with the lower temperatures. The car was pulling the
trailer well up the hills!

Whistler RV Camp was before town and off the motorway
between the trees.

It was a new camp and it had beautiful facilities. Leaving
the trailer there we drove into town and parked while we wandered around.

It had hosted the Winter Olympics last year and was very pretty indeed with all its
Alpine built houses and hotels. Even the bus stops here are pretty!

Arriving back at the camp we tried out the new “shelf
sleeping system” we had purchased wood for on the way out of Seattle. It worked
like a dream. Now we could all sleep in the trailer if we had to, with the bike
parked outside. We all slept in it that night.

In the morning we had no incentive to stay, so decided to
move on to Prince George.

What an amazingly scenic drive we had! Mountain passes and
rivers/lakes around just about every bend. It was jaw droppingly beautiful and
David and I were quite happy driving until 8 at night. It was such a vast
country and hardly anyone around! What a privilege to see and experience all

Pulling in at a cute camp which sold its own honey I manned
the dinner with Braden. David and the other two put a tent up and cleared out
the trailer for the kids to sleep in. I preferred sleeping in a tent and on the
ground to a trailer!

I love to hear the wind in the trees and the birds singing
in the morning.  It was good to be in a
sweet little camp for the night and sleeping on the Earth again!

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The First Day In Canada (Sean)

After crossing the border to Canada, we were headed in the direction of Vancouver, where our friend Jeremy lived (who we saw in Los Angeles).
Jeremy said we could stay at his place while in Vancouver. We had no idea where Victoria was, so we went to McDonalds three times trying to find it using their Wi-Fi. Our phone wouldn’t work in Canada to ring him.
Canada is so far the most expensive country we have been in since we started our trip! It’s the most like New Zealand!
It took another two hours for us to find out that he lived on Vancouver Island, where it would cost over $100 Canadian dollars for one way there on the ferry!!!
It was late so we ended up camping at a place called Dogwood Camp in Surry, where it is very dog friendly of course!
Right across from our campsite was a playground, so as you would have guessed, Braden and Lara messed around while Mum, Dad and I set up the tents and made dinner!
In the next half an hour, it got dark and we all were quite tired from a day of endless driving and going to McDonalds time after time!
Once in bed, I did a bit of spiritual reading! The books were called “the 20 minute book & A Course in Miracles” that I was given in Seattle from a group of lovely people, who made me feel like family!
The next morning we immediately had breakfast and packed up! We thought it was a good idea if we moved on instead. It was very depressing not being able to see either of our friends. Emma also lived on Vancouver Island but we hadn’t intended going that way. She travelled on the Darien Gapster boat trip with us. Maybe we will see them both at the end of our trip.
This was the first time we had missed seeing a friend. But carrying on with our day to day adventures, made me feel a bit better.
We never know what’s going to happen next, and that’s how it will always be!!!

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Last day in Seattle (Corinne)

Olivia and Astara arrived at the flat and we decided to investigate what was happening down at the beach. It turned out to be an Art Fair which happened to occur only once in the year. It was a great array of different arts and crafts and a few ideas for us to keep for ourselves. After speaking to a couple sitting near artwork, it turned out they had friends in Dunedin! They gave me a card of the Seattle Market which we hadn’t managed to get to.
We then wandered along and I ended up at a glass jewellery stall on my own. The pieces were quite beautiful and the iridescent colours glowed in the sunlight! I was pulled in by a necklace which was startling in colour. It reminded me of Archangel Michael and I told the man selling them. As I was commenting on just how beautiful they all were he confided that his wife who made them Nancy had passed just in March.
I could sense her outgoing spirit in each of her pieces. I commented that she would be having a ball in heaven! This started him crying and then me! I gave him a hug and commented she must have been and still is an amazing lady as she was “called”. No-one goes before their time. I could see how much he missed her. He told me she had two bookings this year, this being one and he was determined to go to them both on her behalf. He had two people helping him out the back sorting earrings to go with the necklaces. The more he told me about her the more I loved this lady! “She loved the market selling the best” he said,” so she could see the persons expression when they loved and then bought a piece. It was important to her to make sure each work of art went to its rightful home”. Being an artist myself I totally got that!
I bought the necklace that had called to me and commended him on still trying to sell her work. “It deserves to be sold and treasured” I said.
Gathering myself and ourselves together we decided to pick up Autumn and go to Rattlesnake Lake an hour away.

Astara is a great driver and took all eight of us with ease!

Clear blue skies greeted us and there were people lying everywhere around the Lake just soaking in its tranquil energy.

Astara and Olivia had worked magic on the organic vegetables that Olivia had brought from the farm. It was a lovely selection of salad and vegetables for our bagels. We enjoyed lying in the sun and relaxing.

Olivia and Autumn jumped off the rock with the kids. They didn’t have swimsuits but it didn’t matter!
Driving back to Seattle we had to drop Olivia off at the ferry terminal. Sean was already calling her sister! It was great seeing her for the short time we had!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Autumn. Sometimes it feels like we are saying goodbye far too often!
Since it was our last night together; Astara came down to the beach with us. She brought down some sparklers for the children.

It was a beautiful sunset and we joined a group sitting round a campfire. It was nice to have some extra time with her and have our last night on Alki Beach.

We had decided we were leaving for Canada tomorrow.
Time to get this show on the road for Alaska!

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Crater Lake and Seattle (Corinne)

After such an amazing time at Mt Shasta we travelled along the roads towards Crater Lake. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am always excited to see what else I see or hear after finding out about such
magical, mystical information!
With me, as I think on things, I see or hear words or feelings which give me the answers to my questions. Now Patricia has taught me even the animals that come near you mean something! As we all know God speaks
to us in “ALL WAYS” we just need to listen!
I was questioning in my mind where all this was going.
“High Destiny” a Huge Store sign read.  I decided to mention it to David a few miles further down the road. As I was telling him, he saw a sign on his side of the road “A Step Back in Time”. So whatever we will be doing ahead, we will be drawing on the energy of our past lives. Perhaps from Lemuria. The first continent on the planet where we all lived together peacefully and in pure harmony with each other and Mother Earth!
I saw the number 777 that day twice which meansThe angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.”
This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur! Wow!
Crater Lake was absolutely stunning. The blue is so brilliant because of the water refraction and depth of the Lake. We were blessed with a beautiful clear sky. As it was high it was also cold. Once again
we were in the snow!
Deciding to continue on, rather than camp in the cold we stopped in Albany and found another KOA. Lara found someone she had been playing with at the Mt Shasta camp so we talked to the little girl’s family! It
rained!  In the morning our tent was for the first time wet and dripping. We needed our two good waterproof tents which we had left with the bike eleven months ago in Seattle it was becoming obvious!
The family we had spoken to last night felt sorry for us, and gave us a tarp to put on the top of the tent for next time. Putting as much as we could in the dryer we packed everything up. It is a horrible job, but Sean was once again a great help. Hard to be cheerful in those situations but it was good to be on the road again and heading for friends in Seattle. We had met Steve and Astara at Mt Shasta and we were looking forward to seeing them
again! Mt Rainier was rained out so Seattle was beckoning!
We drove directly to the bike storage facility and saw our bike waiting patiently for us! It was great to grab some warm gear and the two tents.

Two suitcases of warm clothes would now come in handy. We had sent them from
Lima, Peru months ago.
Steve had a lovely big house so we could spread everything wet and damp out to dry. He had three dogs, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!
Another God send! Thanks Steve!!!!
Astara had the weekend off so she helped organize us with a few things, Sean and I went with her to a course in
miracles meeting on Sunday, which was a course I had always wanted to do!
They kindly gave us a book for our journey to keep and also some small booklets. How amazingly generous!
Knowing we needed to buy a trailer we purchased a sleek black one all ready for the motorbike. It was a 5 x 10, just the right size for our car. Being kiwis we were also looking at making a “shelf” inside for the two boys to sleep on. David and I would be below it and Lara at the towing end of the trailer. The bike could be parked outside if we stopped for a while and camped for free. It would be good to have another means of sleeping if it was cold wet or too many bears around for comfort!
Ordering air vents to be installed in the trailer we decided to leave Seattle to do the loop of the Olympia National Park for a couple of days.
We took Lara to see Forks where some of the “Twilight movies were made.”
We camped that night in another gorgeous, State Park and had a surprisingly
wonderful nights sleep. Considering we woke up to find everything wet! LOL
Astara had given us a key to her son John’s apartment at
Alki Beach in Seattle so we headed for it with wet gear yet again! It was a
sweet little unit and we happily entrenched ourselves there for the rest of the
week. It reminded us of our life living in an apartment in Bondi Beach in
Sydney pre children fifteen years ago.
We were extremely lucky to have such a wonderful base. The beach was a short walk away with a Tully’s
coffee shop on the corner. Life was great! They even have fire pits set up permanently on the beach for people to use!
On Friday night we saw Astara again and had infamous “Spuds” Fish and chips on the beach with her. Chocolate brownies she made later on with Lara were delicious!
The next day we saw our first street parade and sat with Astara and her friend Autumn and three girls watching all the different floats.
I loved how they started it.
American and then Canadian motorbike policeman on Harleys drove around in loops for our entertainment! It was so nice to be able to give them good energy for the job they are doing instead of the bad they must continually receive!
What a brilliant idea and so nice to see the police from both countries present together!
Speaking to Olivia a friend we had made in Cusco, Peru we arranged to pick her up off the Bainbridge ferry that afternoon. By that time we had Ines with us too so it was quite a squeeze but we did it! Greeting her we all hopped back in and on the highway and drove out to Green Lake, a quieter spot to sit and relax with pizza. We all sat and chatted about our journey and found out Olivia was working on an Organic Farm on the island. It was so good to see her again and looking so well!
That night she and Astara slept in a friends house up the road and we arranged to meet for the next day together.
We had one last day left in Seattle so we wanted to make the most of it!
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