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  1. John Dodd says:

    Hi Sean and family

    hope you get this. It was great to have a look at some of your adventures on your blog. Nothing so exciting as boa constrictors at LPHS although Mr Enright gets close.

    Anyway happy travels and best wishes
    John Dodd

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for letting us know you had been looking! We have no idea how many people are actually checking this out!
      We are heading into Columbia on Tuesday and then over to Panama by Jet Boat and staying two nights on the San Blas Islands on the way.
      What an adventure we are having, you wouldn’t recognize Sean now!
      Love to you and your family!
      Corinne Carnegie

  2. Sonnia Maggiore says:

    Hello Corinne, Your Facebook friend here. Your family is Awesome, what amazing adventure you all are having! Been reading your wonderful experiences in Mt Shasta, and all the other interesting places on your journey. Love all your pictures. Nice picture with Nikki and her precious son, and yourself. Great daily documentation. Love your website. :)
    Love & Light, Sonnia

    • Sonnia Maggiore says:

      Hello Corinne and family, it is so wonderful to see all the places you have traveled too and to read your adventures. I’m so glad as well, that you were able to get back into the States. Many Blessings, Sonnia

  3. robert and sam says:

    hey guys…
    great to be able to see more of your adventures !!!
    cannot Believe it has been a year since we last saw you in Peru !!
    The travel blog is great.
    It is amazing how far you have gone !!
    best wishes XX us 2 XX

    • admin says:

      Hey you two,

      I thought of you both the other day too! ESP is alive and well…I haven’t checked this site for months and just found your comment! Funnily enough we thought the trip was finished when we arrived in Australia! Wrong!!!

      We have stopped in Melbourne and the kids have been back at school for four weeks now after spending five months touring around in a five berth caravan we bought. They were off school 17 months – longer than we intended but they have all changed through the trip.

      Took longer than we were expecting for David to find a job here in Australia. We are presently living in Western Melbourne, but I don’t think it will hold us for long….watch this space – we miss the central coast of NSW too much. Gorgeous up there.

      How did the book go Rob, did you get it done? Lara is sitting beside me as I type this and says “hi” she’s just picked up a cold and is off school for the day.

      Lots of love from us all – Corinne

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