Jasper National Park (Corinne)

Someone said to us when we told them we were going to Jasper and Banff National Parks that “We had left the best till last!” They were quite right. We were continually “awed!”

We found the only camp open in Jasper and were given a great site within the trees and with our own fire ring. Great. Firewood is free in these parks so its worth paying for a permit. There is something nice about cooking on an open fire. The boys are definitely getting better at cutting up wood!

Funnily enough we hadn’t seen elks anywhere on the trip, but here they were right in our camp up close and personal! We have been so lucky! It was rutting season so the male was continually herding the five females and calling out to them.

It was quite an experience camping alongside the elks and something we will never forget!

The next day we decided to drive back through the Park to take photos as it was sunny. So glad we did. We saw Jasper in it’s full glory!

We decided to earmark this place for another time, a must come back trip. This place was so beautiful!


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