Anchorage and farewell to old friends! (Corinne)

We sadly packed up from Homer. Of course it was another beautiful day and we would have stayed if we could have….but our ninety day visa waiver was running out! We still had more of Alaska to see.

It was a beautiful drive back to Anchorage and we made good time arriving at 4pm. Only problem was the bike had been taken out for a test run and we had to wait an hour to get it back!

When it was finally strapped in we were off to the camp. It was good to see it sunny after spending four days in the rain there before.
Quick as anything we pitched both tents and registered to stay the night.

Earlier in the day David had rung George to let him know we were on our way back to Anchorage and only staying a night. Perfect timing therefore when Eileen rang just as we’d finished pitching the tents to see if we wanted to meet them at a local pizza place called “Uncle Joes”. Good idea, it was already 7o’clock and we were all hungry!

What a great place Uncle Joes was. They had a band playing and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. We said hello to George, Eileen and Spence and enjoyed talking over the Kenai Fjords Boat Trip in Seward and our beautiful time at Homer. They were amazed we had such good weather too!

The kids were once again happy to recall all they had seen and learnt through the experience. The food was superb. The best pizza we have had in a very long time along with the company of course!

George remarked that they usually took family there when they came to see them.  They certainly felt like family to us all!

Asking where we were off to next, George also pointed out that the Denali National Park was worth stopping for on the way to Fairbanks.
This was the second time we had heard about it so I decided to make a mental note to look up any info in our brochures. It sounded like another great place to stop if we had time.

We were surprised and grateful when George and Eileen paid for the pizza and drinks! This was quite unexpected and the first time on the whole trip it had happened!

Very kind, thank you George and Eileen!

Saying goodbye was sad. These are great people.

However, I have a feeling we will be seeing them down under,
and it will be our turn to pay for the pizza!

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