The Dreamer Hostel In Santa Marta (Sean)

This is definitely one of the best spots yet!!!
The pool, the internet, the TV, the games, the pool table, the bar and the competitions, it’s all great and so are the staffs which work there.
Once we got there I couldn’t believe it, and the first words that came out of my mouth were “how long are we staying here for?” and Mum replied with “one week” and straight away I demanded we stay here for two, but of course she still said one!
After paying and signing in at reception, we were shown around by a lovely girl called Kate who is 22 and who really took to Lara.

Once our bags were in our room, we straight away got dressed into our togs and jumped into the pool. The pool was warm. The temperature outside it was so hot it felt like you were being burnt on a BBQ!
Later that night Braden and Dad entered themselves in a pool competition and came 5th and 6th out of 30.

 Close to winning but not good enough. It was so disappointing; the Carnegie family was shamed once again! Everyone would go “Ooh” and “Ah” when Braden would get shots in! The whole thing started at 9:30pm and ended around 12 midnight.
After the days went past it got hotter and hotter and finally we just couldn’t take it anymore, and lucky enough we found the perfect place. A brand new air conditioned shopping mall!

Outside was about 40 degrees and in the mall it was around 10-15. Perfect. So each day we would go shopping and have lunch and maybe an ice-cream if we were lucky, and altogether we stayed there almost half the day seeing it was that hot.

Some days when Braden and I were in the pool relaxing, Lara and Kate would go shopping or maybe go out to a restaurant for lunch. She even bought Lara a toy dog along with a bunch of balloons which was very kind of her! We also had a lot of fun with her in the pool!

Each day the same would happen, including Mum’s birthday, and after one week of having fun and excitement it was time to leave. The worst part was saying goodbye to our friends, especially Kate. We all gave her a hug goodbye knowing we probably weren’t ever going to see her again. Lara’s goodbye lasted for over 5 minutes just hugging her, for everything Kate had done for her.
I felt bad knowing we didn’t get her anything. I hate being on a tight budget and not being able to busk in these types of countries. It’s really annoying. So far on our five month trip I would have to say that “The Dreamer Hostel” would be the best hostel yet on our extraordinary adventure.

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