Anchorage, Alaska at Last (Corinne)

So many things were waiting for us at Anchorage. We could
register the trailer at last, get the BMW motorbike serviced and meet up with
Tiger (George) and his wife Eileen!

It was the end of a circle in one way; David had bought the
bike off Tiger thirteen months ago and he had been a great friend in helping
gear it up ready for David’s big trip down to Nakusp, Canada in four days flat
in August last year. We had wondered when we would see the motorbike again in
South America and we had been looking forward to seeing George and his wife
Eileen and son Spence. It had been quite a trip to get all the way up here to
see them!

Setting up camp in Centennial Park we were pleased to get
the tent up before the rain started. It rained for four days. We couldn’t
believe it, but made the use of the movie theatres and Walmart close by. We
also decided to get the car serviced, it deserved it; it had done 9,500 miles
since we bought it in Florida! We weren’t quite expecting the bill but considering
what we would have spent hiring a car we were still doing okay!

It was also incredibly fortuitous that there was a great
MacDonald’s nearby. We could sit there with the computer plugged in while we
waited for hours for the car. It was raining again and cold! Thanks to John
Vogel who set up the website for us, we could begin posting photos once more to
our gallery. There had been a bug in the system and he had ironed it out for

Any other time this would have been a boring job, but I
happily enjoyed seeing them all posting without any errors this time! It’s
amazing how many we have now.

George and Eileen invited us up and we felt at home as soon as we arrived. It was so
nice to be

sharing a meal in a family home again and with such great
company. They felt like family to us! We had much to tell them about our trip.
In fact it was hard to keep Braden and Lara quiet! They enjoyed talking about
it all.

Barbecued salmon was delicious and it was interesting
hearing how George has to snow plough in his garden in the winter! Eileen
worked at the Zoo which I had just read acquired its animals through injury.
Nice. We parted company promising to see them again after going down South.

Dropping off the motorbike to be repaired we headed out of
town and into the sunsine. Seward was our next stop!

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