Mount Shasta (Sean)

For the past nine days we have been staying in the Koa camp at Mount Shasta! Staying with us was Patricia (who we met in Peru as well as San Francisco), and a lady called Arianna.
On the 5th day Patricia found her setting up her campsite and decided to ask if she would like to stay with us. She is originally from Hawaii! We were only meant to stay there for three days at the most, but ended up staying nine, because our car was in the repair shop getting it’s gears fixed!
The camp had a freezing pool, a playground and many different totems who one of the men who worked there painted himself! They did look awfully realistic!
On the 3rd day (before we met Arianna) we decided to drive to “Bunny Flats” up on Mount Shasta. When we were half way there, our car suddenly stopped so we got out and saw that the gears were down! Mum, Patricia and I decided to walk back into town, while Braden, Dad and Lara waited for the tow truck to pick them up.
We got the car back on Tuesday and at this point we had met Arianna, so we made room for her to sit in the back! Once at “Bunny Flat” we walked up the road which was blocked for cars because of the snow! We were planning to get to the next point which was 1.7 miles away so it sounded like a bit of a walk up hill.
Once at the next point we decided it was the perfect place to rest and enjoy the scenery! Definitely something I will never forget, beautiful! Snow everywhere. It was so nice to see only snow and trees in one area, knowing we don’t get this much snow in New Zealand! If only we could have stayed there longer! Here they get nine months of winter, and three months of summer. There isn’t really a spring or autumn!
That night Arianna channelled Adama the High Priest of Telos for us to speak to him! She was very good even if she had been doing so for a short time! I was very impressed!
Each day we would go into town and check out the shops which sold crystals and incense. Especially this one called “Soul Connections” which sold almost everything we adore! What I enjoyed more about this shop compared to the other shop would have to be the trust. In other shops there would be a sign saying “No Touching Please” but in Soul Connections they let you roam free!
The best part of being in this town to me was the “Singing Bowls” which in other words were big bowls made of crystal, and the sound they made was amazing! Each bowl was a different crystal colour. Each colour was for a different part of the body! Example: The yellow bowls are to calm the stomach! Of course they were expensive! The cheapest one is for $600 US dollars, but to me, it’s worth it!
During our stay (before we met Arianna) we came in contact with another three people who are like us, and just happened to be camping quite close! There were two ladies and one man. Their names were Steve, Astara, and Ines! They all met through a spiritual group!
Ines was also able to channel in front of us, which was very impressive! Once it was time for them to leave, we got their address in Seattle and told them we would love to stay with them while we are there!
Near the end of the week I decided to name Patricia and Arianna my two new aunties and they indeed loved the idea! To celebrate the last day together we went to a lake just off Mount Shasta and decided to fish! I caught one by hooking it in the stomach! Of course I decided to let it go since it wasn’t big enough!
Once I had stopped fishing, Braden’s line got caught down by the hive! He was going to go and retrieve it, but instead I decided to go by myself in case of the wasps! Once I untangled the line I was heading back up and on the way I just happened to get stung on my leg! I flicked it off and got back to fishing in no time!!! Before we left Arianna decided to give us all the gift of reiki!!
That last day together at the lake would have to be the best day we spent together! When the day came when we had to leave, it was depressing seeing Patricia and Arianna packing up their gear. I decided to lend a hand for five minutes while I waited for Mum and Dad to get up!
That morning was hard, especially when it came to saying goodbye to Patricia and Arianna! I almost ended up going with both of them, seeming like they are family that we will only ever see rarely!!
Once our gear was all packed up, we got in the car and left Mount Shasta knowing that one day I would come back here!!!

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