Meeting an Old Friend! (Sean)

For the past three nights we have been in Redwood City, staying at The Good Nite Inn! It has a pool and the most comfortable beds we have slept in on this trip! To me, the pillows almost feel similar to white soft clouds!

For breakfast they serve chocolate, blue berry, and banana muffins with juice and coffee! Just another ordinary morning!

 When you close your eyes, you immediately fall asleep and don’t wake up till dawn! The only thing I have against this hotel is the temperature of the pool, its freezing!!!

Once we were settled in, Mum called her spiritual friend, what she calls her “Soul Sister” and invited her over! Her name is Patricia. We met her the second we were at Eco Truly outside of Lima in Peru, six months ago!

It was breakfast time so we sat down with her and had some fruit salad! It was a shame how she was basically leaving the moment we finished eating! (Not for long, but enough for two friends to meet!)

“Knock Knock” It was Patricia, and at first, I didn’t remember her face, but after a minute or so, it started to come back to me…

After she had finished talking to us, we followed her to the supermarket and went where she is staying for lunch! At the moment she is looking after her friend’s house for a week so we thought it wouldn’t matter if we ate there!

The reason Patricia was staying at the house was to look after the two cats who are terrified of anyone but their owners. They basically won’t even come close to us!

We decided to have a BBQ and once we were all sitting down at the table, Mum and Patricia decide to call it a Banquet!  We had burgers, salad, sausages, smoked salmon, and for dessert we had chocolate covered raisins along with BBQ bananas! Delicious!!!

While eating dessert one of the two cats came up to the window and acted like it wasn’t scared of us. We could not believe our eyes! It was very cute! If we put our hand up against the window, so would the cat!

Once we were done, we thanked her for letting us stay for dinner. Then we organized a walk and a picnic in the park the next day. We all slept in until 8:30am and realized there was only half an hour left of breakfast. We rushed over!

After Breakfast, we got ready and waited for Patricia to arrive. Ten minutes later, we heard a knock at the door and sure enough, it was her!

We got into the cars and she led us to the park. There was a table under some shade so we set up the food. I was so hungry I could have eaten anything! It tasted great.

 I saw Braden, Lara, and Dad go for a quick walk up the hill. Soon it got pretty boring. The others hadn’t returned, so I went over to Mum and Patricia to tell them I was going to find the others. As soon as I took off, I was half a foot from standing on a metre and a half snake, which was digging into the ground. Yikes!!!

I quickly stood back and called Mum and Patricia over to see. By the time they came over and saw what it was, Braden, Lara and Dad had come down the hill and were also looking into the eyes of the snake!

It wasn’t a rattle snake so we assumed it wasn’t poisonous. As the snake dug, I took notes on how a snake could dig with no hands. It’s almost the same as how it eats. It swallows the dirt and moves it through its body until it reaches the tail. Then when the snake is completely full, it comes to the surface and spits all what’s inside it out!

As soon as the snake was finished and gone underground, we all went for a walk up the hill where Braden, Lara, and Dad had already been hiking. While walking, we did and saw many strange things. We hugged a tree each, “bonding” with them and touched a dead Banana slug which lay in the water all slimy. I think we all enjoyed ourselves there! It was really quiet in that park.

The next day Patricia took us by train into San Francisco. It was big and noisy. The most popular thing to do was to go on the trolley cars!  Everywhere you looked you saw trolley cars! New ones, old ones, fake ones! After getting off the train we decided it was a good time to have lunch, so we went into Safeway supermarket and got a load of different stuff.

Next step was finding a place to actually eat, which was quite difficult knowing there weren’t many places in town to do that. After ten minutes of walking around town, we came to the wharf where there were chairs all lined up in a row. We thought it was the perfect place to have lunch!

After settling down and having a snack, a boat came up to us which looked like it had been off the television programme “James Bond!” It was black and red and had five ladies on board along with two men, who I must say looked like they were drunk drivers!  It wasn’t a big boat but it could go quite fast compared to the others!

After we had finished eating, we decided to walk along the wharf. On the way we saw lots of different buildings and a huge bow and arrow sticking into the ground! I thought it was pretty interesting, it looked like it was sent to us by the Gods!” It reminded my Mum of the Indian arrows they used to use!      

Finally after fifteen minutes or so, we came to a café where Mum and Patricia had a coffee! Once they had finished, it was late and instead of taking a trolley car back to the station, we walked all the way back. Such fun!

To end the day off, we went over to Patricia’s house once more to cook up the last of the food for dinner. Even though most of us weren’t hungry! Since we were leaving the next day, we knew this would be the last time we saw Patricia for a while. Well, for another three days….Yes!

Patricia is coming camping with us at Mount Shasta!

It was 11:40pm and we were all feeling tired, so we said our goodbyes and headed back towards the hotel where we were to sleep for one more night!

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One Response to Meeting an Old Friend! (Sean)

  1. John Dodd says:

    Great to read a little of your recent travels Sean, but I’m not happy about you cavorting with snakes!
    We have just started the July school holidays and we are in the thick of winter. I have heaps of marking to do to keep me busy. Say hi to your family and best wishes.
    John Dodd

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