Millpond Park/Camp (Sean)

After staying a few days with Nikki and her husband Efi, the day had come when it was finally time to leave Las Vegas. It felt as if we were leaving Dawn’s for a second time! It was sad! Once we had packed up and said our goodbyes, we jumped into the car, and drove off to California!

When we had been driving for an hour or two of bumpy driving, Braden and I started to feel sick, so we tried to concentrate on the movie The Invention Of Lying) which was playing on our new computer! During the drive we watched four different movies (called Red Riding hood, The Invention Of Lying,  17 Again, and Four Christmases. I must say it was all a bit too much!!

Finally, it was getting dark and we decided to pull over at some camp which cost $20 US dollars a night! Cheap! Once the tent was up and ready to sleep in, we went for a ten minute walk down the river.

After a few minutes or so, we bumped into a (large) family all the way from Oregon who we might happen to meet on the way up if we’re lucky! They told us that if we find a Watermelon in a sealed plastic bag in the river, we were allowed to have a piece each!

We liked the sound of that, so we followed the river without any luck. It apparently must have floated or rolled downstream!  We went to tell them the bad news, and in the end, even for trying we scored ourselves a piece each! They had another half there – Yes!!

While we chewed and chewed we were asked many questions such as “where are you from?” or “how long are you staying in America?” and since we were eating the only thing we could come back with was “hmmmm”… they thought it was some sort of joke!

Once we had finished the watermelon, we told them what we are doing on our trip and played a quick board game!

Afterwards we noticed it was late, so we told them we must go for the night, but at least we got to see them the next morning! They were right beside us.

When we were up and ready to go, the mother of all the children Susan, came over to my Mum and Dad and explained how lovely we were!!

Of course, Mum and Dad’s faces were shocked and just by looking at them, I could see this was apparently a big surprise!

Once she had finished talking, we said goodbye and drove off thinking of the day when we would see them again!

Here we come Yosemite National Park!

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  1. susan harper says:

    i just read this for the 1st time…. not because i haven’t thought of you all often but because life here gets really busy for me.. my daughter, son in law and two grandchildren have moved in with us for awhile and another granddaughter came home with us from california to stay for 1 month.. i have enjoyed them all so much and we packed alot into the month she was here… don’t forget if you come back through oregon we are not very far off the freeway… we would love to have you… i hope you continue to enjoy your many travels.. i will always remember the boys who tried to rescue our watermelon….. :)

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