Animals in Peru (Braden)

Now I am going to tell  and show you what types of animals there are in Peru. The dogs in peru are allowed to go walk on the street, they dont have to walk with their masters. They are not wild they are happy. 

This photo is a photo of the hairless dog that only comes from Peru. 

  There are lots of cats here too. In the park in Lima we saw a lady feeding wild Cats. It was so cool!!!

We saw chinchillas and lizards at Machu Picchu. They were very very cute!

and guinea pigs.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Braden, what amazing animals you have seen so far! I suppose the ‘rabits with tails’ are the chinchillas? I have to say as a dog lover, the hairless one is not one that I would take to.. but I am thinking that it wouldn’t leave much hair around the place. That would have to be a plus!

    Thanks for your lovely post,

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