Flagstaff (Sean)

For the past week we have been camping in the peaceful town of Flagstaff, one to two hours away from the Grand Canyon! In the Winter it is a popular ski resort town.
The camp has a bouncy castle, a water system kids use to play in, train rides, snow cones, (which you were allowed three flavours each),  and a playground!
Once we saw the train, we knew it was home made. One of the owners built six one man carriages out of small water tanks, which looked so realistic!
Every Friday to Sunday, the camp would hold a family movie night. For six dollars you would get a meal and sit down to watch a movie.  Mum and Dad gave us $18 and we had garlic bread, pasta, salad, apple pie, water melon, and a soda!
Each day would be the same schedule. Wake up, bouncy castle, lunch; go into town, train rides, snow cones, dinner, the movie, along with free popcorn, and if we were lucky we would have half an hour on the banana bike!
On Friday night the movie was “Tangled”, Saturday was Tron, and Sunday was meant to be “The Little Fockers” but instead we saw “Gnomeo and Juliet” which was more of a kid’s movie than for my age group!
After a few days stay, I managed to bump into an eleven year old boy called Jacob Reeder, who felt to me like a long lost brother! Not knowing he was only going to stay one day, we managed to meet his family, as well as have a bit of fun!  I’ve never meet a guy so thoughtful and respectful to his friends!
With him was his brother Nick, his sister Emma and their mother Kim! I’ve never seen a family so connected in my whole life. (Except for Dawn Michaels!)
When it was his time to go, it didn’t just feel upsetting but almost like the timing for his leaving wasn’t right and that he and his family should have stayed a little longer. It was sad but I was happy to have met him!
Later in the week we started to go to Sedona which is where all the cowboy movies are made, and is meant to have the most amazing sunsets! It was so beautiful, you really couldn’t describe it!
We even went on a small walk where Lara (apparently) almost died, and once at the top of the mountain it was the most amazing sight. The walk was probably an hour uphill and`20 minutes down. The view was worth it once you got to the top!
To end the week off, we decided to do something that James from Otavalo said we must do! Go to Sliding Rock. Once there we paid to get in and went to get changed. As we could see by how many parking spaces were left, Sliding Rock is a huge tourist attraction for families!
 After we were changed, we took a look at many of the buildings which had been standing there since 1930! 
There were placards explaining about what this place was before it became what it is today! It used to be a farm which grew different types of fruits, vegetables and even nuts! It was obtained by a man and his wife by squatting on it. This means the land had been abandoned and they took ownership of it by staying there until it was classed as theirs.  They had nine children here. It must have been a great farm to have sliding rocks like that on your property!
After reading some of Sliding Rocks history it was finally time to see the real thing, and I can tell you this. It was better than I expected!  All the families were sliding and jumping off rocks! I must admit, the water was freezing but I have never been that clean. It was a splash!!!
I can see why James said we should go, I mean, it’s almost like a dreamland! Like the Aboriginals Ayers Rock in Australia.
I’ve learned that when you stay in a place for too long you get attached but I can tell you this, knowing I’m now off to the Grand Canyon, I feel awesome!!! Although this is still the best camp yet!

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2 Responses to Flagstaff (Sean)

  1. The Reeder Family says:

    Thank you Sean for the nice words about our family! We truly enjoyed our time with you, your brother and sister! We also wish we did not have to leave! I hope some day we will meet again! We will never forget the fun we had!

  2. Dawn says:

    Another great post Sean! Why did Lara almost die??

    It is wonderful when we meet people like Jacob that we connect with on a deeper level. I hope you get to stay in touch with him.

    I recommend that you all post on facebook when you have a new blogpost so that we know to come take a look.

    got any pictures of Flagstaff?


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