The Stay With The Bence Family – Couch Surfers (Sean)

After a long eight hour drive from Memphis, we had finally arrived in Oklahoma City and were then searching for the next family of couch surfers.

While we were online Dad found a man called Tim Bence, who just happened to live here and said he would love to have us.

He has a wife Jolee, two daughters and one granddaughter. The two daughter’s names are Rebekah who is 21.

And Mariah who is 15.

The grand daughter is Rebekaha’s child who is 14 months old and gorgeous. Her name is Zoella. It’s a mixture between Zoe and Ella.

Once there, we stepped into the house while being greeted by Tim, Jolee and Mariah, who seemed very shy at the time!

After being shown around their lovely house, we gathered all of our gear, and took it into the lounge.

I must admit, I could not wait to stay here, knowing I will feel as if I was at home.

While our families got to know each other I decided to have a quick nap. Braden and Lara played with the two dogs – Winstone and Angel as well as a bit of Wii.

For dinner we had pizza, along with salad. Just the thing I needed after a whole day being in the in the car!

Straight after dinner, the three of us kids went into Mariah’s room and sat down to watch a movie. I had no interest in the movie so I searched around her room. Out of all the interesting items I found lying on the ground, the most fascinating thing would have to be a small book. I was dying to see what was inside it.

After she left the room, I had noticed she had taken the book with her, so I waited until she returned to the room. Once she did, I realized she had hid it somewhere, and if I didn’t find it by the time we were leaving, she said she would tell me where it was. I looked and looked until I just gave up!

When in bed, I just closed my eyes and straight away fell asleep. I must say that the mattress was so comfy I really didn’t have any time to think about what had happened.

The next day was pretty simple first had breakfast, played a board game called “Sorry”, then went out into a part of the city called “Brick Town “and decided to have a look around.

After about 30 minutes we got to see the movie “Kung Fu Panda 2”  along with a side of popcorn.

Brick town is a place in Oklahoma where all the buildings are made from bricks. It’s an old part of town and the baseball stadium is there. The most famous player from here is Micky Mantle. Mum and Dad walked to the Federal Building by themselves while we watched the movie. It was bombed by two terrorists in 1995 and it killed 168 people including 19 children. One of the two men is now dead, and the other has to spend one year in jail for every person that died that day.

After the movie had finished, we went to a lovely restaurant which made basically pasta and spaghetti called the spaghetti warehouse. It was a meal I shall never forget. You basically got to choose your own pasta with a side like mushrooms.

Since we were full, we decided to then go home and have a small rest. It was 40 degrees outside and too hot to walk around! After another hour Mariah’s mum took me to go pick Mariah up from guitar practise. It was embarrassing being the only boy there.

Once gone, we went to buy the pizza and burger ingredients. I could not believe it, pizza two nights in a row. Heaven!

After we were home, I watched as the baby walked randomly around the house not knowing what she was doing? She was such a precious thing that I felt like crying knowing this will be the last time I see her like that.

When we had finished dinner, we went to the restaurant by a lighthouse next to the lake. This lake was one of two in Oklahoma City that was fed by another lake used for drinking water.

While the parents had time to talk to themselves we were served two cold soda drinks which were freezing and appreciated.

I reckon that was one of the best places I have ever been, as well as one of the best families also!!!

After a good night’s rest we were getting ready to leave. It was really disappointing knowing we were going to leave just after a day’s stay, although we had to get moving so Dad packed up the car while Braden, Lara, Mariah and I played one last game of Sorry which I ended up getting last.

As we said goodbye, we gave each of them hugs and kisses and hopped into the car and just before we drove off, I remembered to ask her where she hid the book, and it was in a place I would never had looked…

In her sisters room under her bed!!

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  1. Dawn says:

    I love your writing style Sean! Thanks so much for letting us travel with you!
    Big hugs
    Dawn, Marissa and Shane

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