The Darien Gapster Day One (Sean)

After staying a lovely night in Sapzurro it was finally time to leave, yes, it was already time for the three day trip on the Darien Gapster.

We were told to all be up and ready by the boat at 7:00am. Of course by the time everyone was ready it was half an hour later.

Last night it had been raining, and Adam (who is one of the two people which run the boat) had been out at 2:30am making sure that the boat would still be in good condition for the trip.

For breakfast, my family, along with most of the other passengers, just had plain old mangoes! We had gathered them ourselves, right off the ground, underneath two huge mango trees. The first time we have found mangoes lying on the ground!

When everyone was ready we packed up the boat, and it was time to finally start our three day journey.

Joining us on the boat were another six people, Adam from New Zealand.


 Marcos from Canada.

 Nicolai (from Europe – who teaches 1-2 year olds at a kindergarten)

Andrej from Slovakia.

 Emma also from Canada.

 Melissa from America.

Today’s Boat trip was said to go on for three and a half hours until our destination in the San Blas Islands.

The Boat was not huge, but big enough to hold fifteen people and when it uses 300-350 horse powers on heavy waves, it gets awfully hard to stay still!  Which adds to the fun! It had two “200 horse power” motors which were on the back of the boat. They barely ever used full power. Check out their website

After spending 30-60 minutes on the boat we saw the most magnificent sight. “Dolphins” Yes, a dolphin. Lara could hardly believe it, the look on her face was remarkably shocking that I think it must have been the reason the dolphins disappeared!!!

Later for lunch, we stopped at a small, dirty, sandy, noisy village packed with crazy running children who admired Lara. Wherever she went – they went, whatever she did – they did, and while she was getting worshipped, Braden and I just stood back as if we were part of the crowd.

Marco yelled out to us that lunch was ready. I couldn’t wait to see what we were eating. For lunch we had plantain flattened banana chips along with a few bits of chicken, with a can of soda and some ketchup.  It was as yummy as it was appetising.

Once we had all finished eating we spent another 20 minutes or so checking out the island, seeing what people had to offer and sell.  I saw Melisa going to get a bracelet so I decided it would be fun to tag along. I was quite involved by the way as it was being made!

We were rounded up and  we all got on the boat and we headed off  to our next destination.  It was only a short ride away but what a place!

We unpacked all the gear we would need for the night off the boat and set up the tent. While that was being done, Braden, Lara, Mum and I decided it was a fun idea to go snorkelling and see all the fish surrounding us in the crystal clear waters.

 At first it was a bit creepy, knowing the dangers there are out there, but after twenty minutes of searching we found the most remarkable thing I have ever seen. A huge shell just lying in sand, and then another, and another until I came across a different looking one which beat all the rest and I think you can see why!

Once I had gotton out of the water, I decided to have a  look around the island and it had to be the best and most interesting place I have ever seen.

After dinner of pasta around the camp fire the entire cruel group asked me to sing. I was nervous but did it anyway!

Before we knew it, it was the end of day one and I was too excited to think about the next!

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