Capurgana (Sean)

After a terrific boat ride from Turbo, we finally arrived at our destination called Capurgana.

After getting off the boat we were taken to our hostel, which was about a ten minute walk away.

Once at the hostel we dropped our bags into our room and by paying an extra 10mil ($6:00 NZ) each, we were able to have a lovely lunch made by the owner.

That night we were all too scared to go into the bathrooms, Braden and Lara anyway! They had spiders the size of your hands. So for the night they had to stand the torture of not going pee-pee.

For dinner we came to place right beside the sea, and the sea food which they did was awfully good, as well as the dessert!

Thankfully the next day we came across a much better hostel, Hostel Capurgana. The cost was basically the same.
After arriving at the second hostel, we decided it was a good idea to go have a proper look at the town, as well as a quick swim at the beach.

I myself wanted to stay indoors, but they just had to force me saying “I would feel better”
Walking around we had noticed that there were many breeds of dogs, with no one to look after them. It just made us think how lucky we all were in New Zealand. Kind of makes you feel pretty bad if you ask me!
After the look around and a quick swim we bumped into two dogs along the way home. Knowing they don’t have a home, we decided to take them in as our own for a couple of days.
We gave them food as well as a home for a couple of nights. But this one dog happened to be awfully close to us as if it was looking for a family for the last time. We even let it sleep in our room.

Since we were so nice to them, they started to think we were their owners, because one dog followed us to the God Pools, which was a forty minute walk out of town.
As soon as we arrived, we changed into our togs and went for a quick swim.

While the dog and Dad stayed at the side of the pool watching.

I must say, the God Pools were simply magnificent.

On the last day we were packing up our gear to leave to Sapzurro.

 After we had left the hostel, and we were leaving on the boat, the last thing I heard was a moan from the dog. It looked at us as if it was about to follow.
I have felt bad every day since then knowing I could help them, but not being able to  because we are travelling.

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