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Welcome to our website!

We are a family of five from Dunedin, New Zealand who are setting out on a journey through South and North America and anywhere else that takes our fancy!

Our oldest son is Sean and has just turned 14. Our middle son Braden is now ten and Lara the youngest is a girl and is 8. I, Corinne am 44 and David my husband is 46.

We have decided to school the children on the road using the NZ correspondence school as we will be in Latin America most of the time without any English. This in itself will be a challenge!

We begin this adventure on the 22nd of November 2010 flying to Sydney for three nights to stay with our dear friend Paula who is a teacher and fellow intrepid traveller. Having taught India-Rose her 13 year old daughter on the road we hope she has some tips!

From there we fly to LAX for five nights of Hollywood/Universal Studios and huge food portions! On the first of December we arrive in Lima, Peru and have homestay accommodation booked for a week in Miraflores a nicer part of the town. We hope to buy a camper or van or even a four wheel drive of some sort to travel around South America in. Our plans are open from then onÖ..

This trip came about very quickly. Surprisingly (as we are not new to travel) itís not something we always planned to do with the children, but the light bulb went on a few months back and the timing was right. They will remember what they see and experience. If we donít do it now it will be too late.

We have not won lotto!

We are doing this on a mortgage. We plan to give them life experience instead of a few dollars. We think it will hold them in good stead ahead and we were getting disenchanted with everyday life. We needed a change. The play station, computer and TV were the source of adventure in the kidís eyes. We had to do something. Fast. They needed to see what was really going on in the world. I had wanted to experience a more authentic way of life with a stronger connection with nature for a while. The thought of taking the children with us really appealed.

I hope you enjoy our website and our experiences! If you find us as I coincidently found a few months ago then please take that as confirmation that you are on the right trackÖ can do anything if you choose it!