We are a Kiwi couple from the coldest part of New Zealand who travelled extensively before we had children. Our common love has been travel and music. Now with three children on board we are heading out into the unknown again with absolute trust and faith that this is a journey we were meant to make!
Why you might ask - well this trip actually came about very quickly. It's not something we had always planned to do with the children surprisingly enough, but when the light bulb went on a few months back, the timing was right and we were propelled forward in this direction. Everything just fell into place - even the sale of the car three days before we left!
If we hadn't done it now, it would have been too late, and that doorway would be shut forever. We didn't want to be looking back with regret in a few years’ time saying if only.....
"The time to live is NOW!"



David Carnegie (Dad) 46:

Team Leader and previous Plant Manager of a Pet food Factory in Dunedin for nine years. Originally worked as a Butcher. Visionary and Innovative with a number 8 wire mentality! He resigned from a great job because he felt this opportunity was too important to pass up! Had been quietly purchasing Lonely Planet books for years and yearning for adventure. Also a 3rd Dan at Judo which will hopefully not be required on the trip!

Corinne Carnegie (Mum) 44:

House Manager, Artist, Property Manager and Spiritual Teacher. Previously worked in accounting in a previous lifetime pre children.

Looking for a more authentic way of life and a stronger connection with nature for herself and her family. Ready to meet "all the right friends in all the right places" and see what this journey is about! Hoping to paint along the way and grow spiritually. The quiet strength of the clan.

Braden 10 ¾

Finished last year Primary School, superb linguist (we have just discovered). Makes ridiculous, funny faces in photos you have ever come across! Loves acting the clown and making noise - has wanted drums for years. He is very tall for his age. Hands on man. Great cook and general handyman. Loves to help, friendly and always asks a lot of questions. Wants to be a policeman! Excellent people and animal skills!

Sean 14 (Oldest)

High School student, Busker, Musician, Comedian. Great singer! Been busking since he was 7. A creative genius and whizz behind the sewing machine. Loves technology. Head of movie making Department and photographer. Handsome, smart, kind, generous and available! Bigger guns than Mum - hopefully they have some use!

Check him out on youtube under Sean Carnegie

Lara 8 ¾

Talented Artist, always found drawing. Loves animals and spent many hours bouncing on the trampoline. Favourite food: chocolate brownie cake. Always runs up hills. Her hobbies are miniball and acting. We always said she would go to Hollywood and she just has! HUGE Edward Cullen fan! Can play tough with her big brothers and is up to the challenge of travel!

Contact us at
carnegies111 at gmail dot com